About Me

  • Full Name:Gyeongtaek Kim
  • Email:kwabang2827@gmail.com

Hello There!

I'm a student studying backend engineering and network technology.

I've been interested in programming since middle school and have been making several small services. I'm striving to provide convenience to many people.

My Resume

  • Experiences

  • Streamload Team Leader

    Muesli · 2022.01 - 2022.02

    I developed the system of Streamload by transferring Twitch Recording System technology to Muesli.

  • Misaka Mikoto Network (AS203979)

    Personal · 2021 - Persent

    I established a personal Network with its own AS number and IP prefix to support IPv6 communication

  • Misaka Mikoto Network Mirror

    Personal · 2020 - Persent

    I felt uncomfortable with the speed of several mirror servers of Linux distro in the past, so I built it myself.

  • Twitch Recording System

    Personal · 2019 - 2022

    I started this project to save Twitch replays that automatically disappear over time.

My Services

Twitch API

API service provding data about Twitch services.

Misaka Mikoto Network

Providing services such as deploying Linux distro through own personal Network

Maxmind GeoIP API

GeoIP API service using Maxmind database.